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Candy Mini Summer Bag - BLACK
Candy Mini Summer Bag  Comes with Crossbody chain  Size:Extra Small
Sold Out
Candy Large Summer Bag - Black
Candy Large Summer Bag  Comes with crossbody chain  Size:Large 
Summer Mini Purse - Green
Summer Mini Purse  Comes with crossbody chain inside  Size:Extra Small 
Triangle Style Personality Lady Bag - BLACK
Triangle Style Personality Lady Bag brings any outfit to life  Size:Medium 
Shoulder Style Square Women Bag - BLACK
Shoulder Style Square Women Bag  Wear on the shoulder for the Rich Aunty Finish to any outfit  Size:Medium 
Bucket Bag - YELLOW
Bucket Cross Body Bag comes in various colors bringing that sleek finish to your outfit. Bag includes cross body chain   
Pleated Handle Women Handbags - Black
Pleated Handle Women Handbags With crocodile pattern  Size:Small   
Summer Fold French Shoulder Purse - Black
Summer Fold French Shoulder Purse, luxury purse for women  Size:Small   
Pleated Handbag Crocodile Texture - WHITE
Pleated Handbag Crocodile Texture Comes with cross body chain    SIZE:Small Crossbody
Bucket Draw Tie Crossbody Bag - BLACK
Bucket Draw Tie Crossbody Bag comes in vibrant colors  Includes Crossbody chain inside  Size:Small Crossbody 
Summer New Trend Transparent Woman cross body bag - BLACK
Summer New Trend Transparent Woman cross body bag comes with another purse on the inside which can keep person stuff private, it is also removable.  Can be used as two separate bags.  Size:Small Cross Body  Chain Included inside 
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